Writing articles for online publications for women

You need to follow the specifications in the brief — and deliver to deadline. Click here for Christian magazines that pay writers They publish poetry, short fiction, and certain kinds of non-fiction, including book reviews.

How to write articles for magazines

However, you must put in the required homework and be aware of changing trends of this time-sensitive topic. Per month: Considering that most features are words in length words at most , do your sums to work out your income per article. Write what you know, share your experiences, help other women, and get fat checks in the mail. Click here for regional magazines that pay writers 9. They publish poetry, short fiction, and certain kinds of non-fiction, including book reviews. VQR VQR is a journal of literature and discussion with a focus on publishing the best writing they can find. Brevity Who are they? They cover everything from global warming, to pollution, and endangered species. Be aware of new food labels, regulations, legislations, cooking instructions and recipes. Drunk Monkeys Who are they? A query is a writing audition, and you want the editor to be able to picture the article in her magazine after reading your pitch.

General Interest Beautiful Savage — This is an online art, design, music, and fashion magazine that will pay for freelance submissions.

Write Naked Who are they? Some publishing houses pay upon publication, i. You have to submit a pitch for an article first.

writing articles for online publications for women

What they absolutely are, though, is a hugely helpful resource for writers as the website is filled with anecdotes and guides from established names in the literature world. Is it relevant to our audience? Note, however, that The American Scholar does not accept pitches through email — only through online submissions manager system Submittable.

Seasoned journalists write about 13 pieces per month this can include columns, advertorials and other business writing. Another article about how video games affect children?

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Aspiring writers, these 9 online magazines want to publish your work!