Women empowerment in pakistan essay

In addition the punishment for acid throwing to life imprisonment. Gender equality is a basic human right and women empowerment is a critical aspect of achieving gender equality. Even in the current scenario women have stood shoulder to shoulder with men for the general cause of humanity.

Harassment is one of the biggest hurdles faced by the working women preventing others who want to bring themselves and their families out of poverty. It has therefore preferred to keep them illiterate and pious.

This practice is called as Watta Satta which often ends in miseries and eventual breakup marriage; on both sides. The cart can move fast and safely when both of them are pulling the cart in the same direction, and with equal strength, but if one of the wheels is damage, nothing will be possible.

To deny inheritance, the father in collusion with sons, would marry his daughter to the Holy Quran.

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It is found in giving a voice to the weak and marginalized. Fifth: Adoption of measures to prevent and eliminate all form of violence against women. Undoubtedly, in past few years Pakistani government has taken rigorous steps to create opportunities for women but numbers of legal, social and regional factors tend to hinder Pakistani women employment in overall job market.

Women empowerment in pakistan essay

To summarize I must say that; First: The women should be integrated into every level of policy making while formulating and implementing of micro-economic and social policies. Marriage to Quran In some parts of Sindh, the practice of marrying a woman to Quran is prevalent among landlords, although this practise is alien to Islam and has no religious basis. One third of women in Pakistan are uneducated and have very little concept about making their own choices. An effective mechanism should be institutionalised to enable the women in decision making at all levels. Man makes her work like an animal and beats her up whenever he feels the urge to do so. He said were drug addicts attending the local sports teams and not just friends, which has never been proven to be true. To deny inheritance, the father in collusion with sons, would marry his daughter to the Holy Quran. Women need fresh and more capable environment so that they can take their own right decisions in every area whether for themselves, family, society or country. Despite this the women of Pakistan has come a long way in proving herself.

Increased number of seats in Union, District, Provincial and Federal assemblies has partially given her reason to live meaningfully and lead an honorable life. That is the mark of his cowardice.

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Women Empowerment in Pakistan