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In addition to increased protection from diseases, pests and herbicides, there are other key reasons for genetic modification.

Chapman, By James. Until American consumers have proof that GMOs are safe, or are able to decide whether or not to consume them, the technology has many hurdles to overcome. Through genetic modification there is hope that the ability to produce foods with edible vaccinations in them will become a possibility.

While this might not seem threatening at first, what one must realize is that Japan has been very resistant to the idea of growing GMOs.

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This could cause problems because the weeds would then become very difficult to combat which could possibly ruin the crops. Farmers have adopted the technology. Also, because of the difference between transgenic organisms and genetically modified organisms, these labels can be pretty ambiguous.

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What are the pros and cons of marketing GMO foods? However, due to competition, brought on by a tomato made conventionally and with a longer shelf life, the Flavr Savr tomatoes were not profitable.

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