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In general, the construction work and rubber surfaces are well done with a few problem areas that will need to be repaired on the rubber. Manufacturing of new play equipment to match revamped old equipment, attention to detail and finishing very well executed in every aspect of the project.

The same equipment at Katjiepiering can be found in this park. Based on the excellent execution of these projects, the teams received raving compliments by the judges: Project: Cosmos Park — Specialised Landscape Construction An exercise in project excellence.

It may be dressed in a level of feigned diffidence, but there is nothing subtle about this ritual: people are here to hook up. Katjiepiering Park is the largest of the 3 parks and is easily accessible to the majority of the community as well as students from the University of Johannesburg.

Excellent well done. In addition to endorsing such alcohol-induced cat-and-mouse games, Tiger Tiger holds formal entertainment as key on its agenda.

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Concrete furniture of benches, picnic tables and litter bins were custom designed, further complimenting these renewed parks.

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Tiger Tiger Fourways