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My paper is due on Tuesday The cost of implementing Six Sigma is very expensive.

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In the Measure stage, teams try to determine all the variables that impact a particular process. He or she helps the team getting started, helps the team in building their confidence and keeps the project moving to achieve great results. One of the major changes in Six Sigma third generation professional designations is thatit makes the program more affordable for smaller business.

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It is because I am not asking the right question. According to a research done, if the customers are unhappy with the service or the product provided they do not just keep quiet and do nothing about it. Six Sigma is not a business fad that is tied to a single method or a strategy, but rather a flexible system for improved business leadership and performance Pande, There are two different methods that are generally used in Six Sigma.

In other words those companies are working at 99 percent quality level.

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Thesis on Six Sigma