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Look back to world. Robots expeditions have continued till recent times and have grown to include orbiters, landers, and rovers. Life on Mars is impossible without water to sustain the growth of plant life that we need to feed ourselves.

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This paper is dedicated to describing the geology of Mars in reference to our own planet. The Findings: Over the past decades, human explorations of space has made us question the possibility of life on Mars. Launching the Mission. Scientists have speculated that Mars has a possibility of sustaining life just like earth and the components of life sustainability have been analyzed. If enough could be produced to raise the temperature enough, plants of some type would be planted on the surface by using the water. It is often referred to as the Red Planet. Mars is adjacent to earth and has environmental components that are similar to those on earth. Still, without the mission to Mars, the condition that Gregg Easterbrook , an American writer, lecturer, also an editor of The New Republic, states will be avoided: the Mars proponents may compete for money and lead to the decrease of the cost of such civil rights as education, health insurance or national defense. Which would cause the red planet to be under debate whether or not there is proof that contemporary life does exist on Mars. The goal for Curiosity will be to enter the basin, obtain a foreign sample of rock and analyze the rock sample. Venus, Mars, and Earth are all the same age, forming 4.

This paper is dedicated to describing the geology of Mars in reference to our own planet. More evidences should be required. Would we have the power to decide what constitutes as life on another planet?

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More groundss should be required. Finally, it is also important in case a catastrophic event was to occur on Earth, potentially wiping out everything.

Persuasion mars essay

The book Packing for Mars goes into describe a time where two men contributing to the project got into a fist fight. Schwartz, J. But this miraculous discovery has seeded the life on Mars theory further on. Even if there is water on Mars, there may not be enough to be sustained permanently, for it would require a great amount of it to transform the entire planet. To answer the question of whether or not life on Mars is possible we first need to look at all the prerequisites for life to exist. Wall, M. NASA Headquarters decides from recommendations from all of the groups to compose a final, very short list of candidates. Money needs to be spent to find out if there is water, how much, and if we can use it. Schulze-Makuch, D. One method currently being developed is an attempt to select psychologically fit crew members. Many types of research and studies have proved that Mars has a similar atmosphere to that of Earth. The dark streaks begin at high elevations and widen as they slope downward, just as if there was water flowing. Mars has some similarities to the earth where we human beings live.

Regards, Sophia Like this post? The earth and Mars have a lot of similarities between them. Theoretically, having greenhouse gases on Mars would heat up the planet, as well as thickening the atmosphere. The atmosphere of air on Mars is mostly carbon dioxide. Mars was a father Romulus and Remus and his wife was Rhea Silvia.

The shuttle had cameras that returned a large number of pictures of the surface, demonstrating the changing seasons and delicacies of the stones and earth close to the stationary landers. According to an article written by Chris Chambers, there are at least four psychological challenges that astronauts will face during long durations of space travel.

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