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Avoid asking questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no.

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Shorter paragraphs are more likely to keep the attention of readers. In an effort to seem as current as possible, sites will often put the latest development in a story at the top — no matter how incremental the development.

As the word implies, news contain much that is new, informing people about something that has just happened. The feature will tell them why and how it happened, how the people involved are reacting, and what impact the decision is having on other people.

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Write your draft the way you would tell the story to one of your friends. Few people have time to read all the text of every article in a newspaper, so they often skim the headlines to see if they might want to read more.

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Now you can write your nutgraph. Emotion The human dimension. Choosing what's news can be harder.

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Its skills can be taught, learned, and developed as a form of artistic expression. These details should be dealt in an interesting manner to provide all the relevant information in a concrete and complete manner. Short, sweet and to the point. Tell real stories. It covers all kinds of topic and provides the information in an interesting and easy-to- read manner. The American Society of Magazine Editors has developed a list of editorial guidelines, to which a majority of magazine editors commonly adhere. Context helps readers understand whether something is normal or surprising. You may find that a 16 different sequence works better, and that the "cutting and pasting" you need to do — on a computer screen, or on paper — really isn't so bad. Does your article contain unnecessary words? When you return and take a fresh look at what you've written, you'll probably see things you missed before. But use hyperlinks only when needed; if you can summarize the information succinctly without linking elsewhere, do so. From the first paragraph, readers will be encouraged to take a specific, positive action. Use Subheads Subheads are another way to highlight points and break up text into user-friendly chunks.
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